It’s interesting as I’m thinking about what makes a business partner. Not only a business partner. But a friend. A brother. Someone you trust. Someone who has the same mindset and philosophy of life. It is rare. It is developed independently by each their own. Through life. Through experience. Through family. Somehow we each develop and trust what we believe in. And the chance to share these gifts and opportunities is rare.

This year, I am celebrating 5 years with a man I cherish as a brother. A man who has dedicated his experience and life for Society. His name is Wil Evans. Society is a bar I co-own with Wil and it has thrived or 5rived for 5 years. It has been honored with awards (Best Sports Bar for Food in Denver by Westword magazine). It has kept its lights on due to “Norm” regulars, tourists, Mountaineers, Houston forever fans, Cubbies, Razorbacks, Rockies, Nuggets, Penguins, Clones, fanatic concert fans amidst, etc. It is a home that so many have shared and experienced mucho wonderful times.

As a business owner, I am proud to call Wil my business partner. He is resilient in nature. As my father once said, “Does that guy ever sit down?” The answer is NO! Wil is a spirit animal. A whiskey enthusiast as I am myself. A dear partner, a friend and a brother. His wife Alicia is a very lucky woman to have found a man to share with in life. To put up with a man like him in her life  We at Society celebrate 5 years because of men like Wil, local spirits and you. Today and everyday for the past 5 years I am fortunate to have Wil and everyone who has joined us at 1434 Blake Street. Society, a second home. Slainte’ to all and we will continue as you continue to join us. Whiskey Made Us Do It! See ya Saturday!

– Rich Canaday